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Acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) represents a major therapeutic challenge. Although numerous well-established therapies are available in the clinic for chronic HF, the acute HF market has considerable unmet needs. Cardiac edema may be a key-player in this pathophysiological situation, and we hypothesize that loss of microvascular integrity in blood vessels and lymphatics contributes to cardiac edema in ADHF. We have previously shown that prevention of vascular hyperpermeability reduces cardiac edema acutely post-MI.

In this project, coordinated by Dr Stephane Germain (Collège de France) and in collaboration with Pr Bijan Ghaleh-Marzban (Mondor Biomedical Institute) and Pr Paul Mulder and Dr Ebba Brakenhielm at Inserm UMR 1096, we investigate, in our novel ADHF models, the contribution of microvascular leakage and/or lymphatic dysfunction to cardiac edema; and further determine if restoration of vascular integrity (Patent, Partner 1; Project coordinator) may reduce blood microvascular hyperpermeability, lymphatic dysfunction as well as cardiac edema and lead to improved cardiac functional recovery.

Our RESIST-HF project, focused on restoring microvascular integrity, will improve the understanding of ADHF mechanisms and may reveal new and efficient pharmacological strategies to improve patient outcome.

See REStoring mIcrovaScular inTegrity in acute Heart Failure | ANR


The ANR PRC project MiRAVALVE-CKD  - Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonism and Aortic Valve Calcification in Chronic Kidney Diseases has been selected for funding. This project, coordinated by Pr Frédéric Jaisser at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers , Inserm UMR S1138, in collaboration with Pr Paul Mulder, Inserm UMR1096 and Pr Natalia López-Andrés, Navarra University, Spain, is set to investigate the impact of the mineralocorticoid system in mediating valcular calcification in the setting of chronic kidney disease.

PHASM ANR PRCI 2023-2026

 Pr Jeremy Bellien is Coordinator on an ANR international collaborative project entitled PHASM : «L'activité phosphatase de l'époxyde hydrolase soluble comme nouvelle cible dans les maladies cardiométaboliques» selected in the ANR PRCI 2022 axis «Collaboration bilatérale ANR/ DFG»

This project is developed together with  Pr Ewgeinj Proschak (Heisenberg-Professor for Drug Design at the Institut für Pharmazeutische Chemie, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

POPHeart ANR PRC 2022-2026

Pr Paul Mulder is Partner on an ANR collaborative project entitled POPHeart : «Impact of pollutants and AHR signaling on cardiac function in predisposed models of cardiomyopathy» proposed for the ANR PRC 2021 axis « Contaminants, écosystèmes et santé »

This project is coordinated by Dr Marianne Gervaise-Taurel (Inserm IMRB U955, Faculté de Médecine - UPEC) together with Dr Mathias Mericskay (Inserm U1180, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris-Saclay).

In this project, our unit will participate with evaluations of the cardiovascular impact of dioxine in animal models of metabolic syndrome. A new PhD student, Eva Correira, will carry out this project together with ohter laboratory members under the guidance of Pr Paul Mulder.

Dioxines et leurs effets sur la santé (