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POPHeart ANR PRC 2022-2026

Pr Paul Mulder is Partner on an ANR collaborative project entitled POPHeart : «Impact of pollutants and AHR signaling on cardiac function in predisposed models of cardiomyopathy» proposed for the ANR PRC 2021 axis « Contaminants, écosystèmes et santé »

This project is coordinated by Dr Marianne Gervaise-Taurel (Inserm IMRB U955, Faculté de Médecine - UPEC) together with Dr Mathias Mericskay (Inserm U1180, Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris-Saclay).

In this project, our unit will participate with evaluations of the cardiovascular impact of dioxine in animal models of metabolic syndrome. A new PhD student, Eva Correira, will carry out this project together with ohter laboratory members under the guidance of Pr Paul Mulder.

Dioxines et leurs effets sur la santé (