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National & International networks

On-going collaborative research projects:

Previous collaborative networks:

  • ANR RESIST-HF 2019-2023 "Restoring microvascular integrity in acute Heart Failure"
  • RHU STOP-AS 2017-2022
  • Era-CVD LYMIT-DIS 2017-2020 "Targeted Lymphatic and Microvessel Treatments in metabolic-disease HFpEF"
  • ANR SAPHIR 2016-2020 "Impact of the modulation of Soluble epoxide hydrolase enzymatic Activities on Pulmonary HypertensIon and Right ventricular dysfunction in experimental and human heart failure"
  • FIBROTARGETS FP7 2013-2016
  • European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) program BM1301 ADMIRE  (WG3 member) 2013-2018
  • FHU REMOD-VHF 2015-2020