Launching of ERA-CVD LYMIT-DIS

In this new project, five european research teams join together with the aim to develop new treatment options for patients suffering from Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Project start date 06/03/2017Spring in Rouen

(Kick-off meeting to be held in Rouen, France in September 2017 )

Heart Failure (HF) represents a serious health challenge, with an estimated 6.5 million patients suffering from HF in the European Union, which corresponds to the combined current population of Brussels, Madrid, and Paris. Our collaborative research project, LYMIT-DIS, is aimed at improving diagnosis, prognosis, and development of new treatments for HF, focusing on HF with preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF). This type of HF with diastolic cardiac dysfunction, affects more than 50% of HF patients, notably women, and is linked to metabolic syndrome, an increasingly common condition characterized by insulin resistance, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, and hypertension.

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Most Cited Articles on Medical Image Analysis


An article on cardiac MRI image analysis authored by Pr Jean-Nicolas Dacher, a member of our laboratory, is highlighted as one of the most cited papers in this domaine since 2010 bringing it to the top 1% of its academic field (computer science).

Petitjean C, Dacher JN. Med Image Anal. 2011; 15(2):169-84.


This paper reviews fully and semi-automated segmentation methods in short axis cardiac cine MRI images. The authors propose an original categorization method for cardiac segmentation, with a special emphasis on what level of external information is required and how it is used to constrain segmentation


Endothelium, Valvulopathy
& Heart Failure

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